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NEW MINNOW FIN can give you a real edge fishing for bass or walleye!

Posted by Richard Bogert on

The new minnow fin rally gives you an edge is you are fishing for bass, walleye or any other fish for that matter. The Minnow does a few things for you. First the Minnow adds rudder area in a unique inverted "T" that increases the effective rudder area by roughly 10 times, protects the propeller, increases effective thrust and acts like a shock absorber to reduce bobbing.  The 77 square inches of rudder makes directional control positive and immediate without having to increase thrust. 

The horizontal, fluke area between the vertical fins works to dampen the bobbing action of a boat in chop. The fluke has to displace 30 lbs of water for every foot it travels vertically in the water. This action both slows and reduces the amount of bobbing that occurs.

The Minnow installs with just a screw driver in about 5 minutes.  

The first of our production fins should be ready and available after Thanksgiving.  $139.00

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