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About Us

Uncle Norm's Marine Origin

Our company is named after my Uncle Norm, my mother’s younger brother.  He was a farmer but he hunted, fished, had a boat and a cool car.  From a kids perspective, he was COOL!

In the garage at my Grandma’s house was Norm’s boat. It was a 16 foot plywood boat with an outboard motor that was secured to the homemade trailer by an inner tube stretched across the top. It smelled of wet wood, musty life jackets and the mix of oil and gasoline. It might as well have been a space ship or a pirate ship. It sure fired my imagination. I spent many hours behind the wheel watching the engine move from side to side as I paid attention to how the cables snaked their way back and forth through the pulleys.

It was Uncle Norm that introduced me to boats. It was Uncle Norm that brought me my first fishing pole and took me fishing for the first time. It was Uncle Norm that gave me that first pump shotgun. It was he that took me deer hunting for the first time. He had a huge influence on my life. For me, those memories are priceless. Take your kids, your grandchildren, or the neighbor kids fishing. Take them out in the boat. Teach them water safety. Teach them to be safe with guns. Teach them to shoot. They will never forget it and the world will be a better place. Pass it on!

Richard W. Bogert