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Boat Fins

Uncle Norm’s Fin Products are designed to provide both the recreational and professional boater with enhanced steering capability and maneuverability at both low and high speeds and in all water conditions. Our fin products give you an edge by providing at least 3x the effective rudder area to your Outboard, I/O, Jet Driven, and Electric Trolling motors. This results in exceptional maneuverability, crisp directional control, and a much tighter turn radius. In addition, the Uncle Norm Fins provide excellent tracking and boat control in windy and turbulent conditions, improves engine efficiency, performance and dramatically reduces the cycling of Auto-Pilot units. Fins on Outboard and Inboard Outboard motors reduce cavitation resulting in greater thrust and better overall engine performance. The Uncle Norm’s Fin products are quick and easy to install using basic hand tools and require no drilling or engine modification with the No-Drill Clamp set (sold separately).