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Orca Performance Fin

Orca Performance Fin

Uncle Norm's Marine Products

  • $ 28900

Add No-Drill Clamp set? ($69)

The Orca-Performance Fin triples the effective rudder area providing a tighter turn radius and sharp crisp directional control at any speed. The larger surface area of the Orca-Performance Fin blocks cavation better than hydrofoils while adding the benefit of enhanced slow speed maneuvering and heading control. The Orca-Performance Fin installs in minutes without drilling using the 45M-Clamp kit or bolt directly to the cavitation plate using included hardware. The Orca fin is usually mounted with the fins down but may be installed fins up without modification if you desire less aggressive control. Used and tested on fishing boats, runabouts, pontoon boats, cruisers, ski boats and bass boats since 2002.


  • 3x the Steering Control
  • 2x the Turn Rate
  • 3x the Effective Rudder Area
  • Get on plane faster
  • Prevents Cavitation
  • Maximizes Thrust Resulting in Improved Engine Performance
  • Reduces Bow Rise
  • Improves Visibility



  • Black Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Designed for boat motors with propellers up to 16 inches in diameter
  • Use on outboard and I/O engines up to 300HP (Not recommended for the Volvo with exhaust through cavitation plate.)
  • Compatible with autopilot systems
  • Simple installation
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA

    No-Drill Clamp Kit (Optional)


    No holes to drill when mounting the Uncle Norm's Fins with the No-Drill Clamp Set. Works on most outboard and I/O stern drives up to 300 HP. It's simple, fast and effective. Aluminum construction and powder coated for good looks and durability.

    • Designed to be Used with the Orca-Performance Fin and Dolphin-Trolling Fin
    • No Holes to Drill in the Motor
    • Machined from Solid Aluminum Bar Stock
    • Stainless Steel Hardware Included
    • Black Powder Coated Finish
    • Installs Quickly with Minimal Tools
    • Can Be Removed in Minutes
    • Simple Instructions
    • Made in USA




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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Lost my Orca first day out

      First day out in my 20 ft pontoon with the Orca fin installed, I hit something in the Gulf of Mexico running about 15 mph. Whatever it was ripping my Orca off, destroyed my prop, stripping the hub innerds and broke off part of the anti cavitation plate.
      Up to this point, having run the boat for about 3 hrs, it performed great!!!! The boat was much more responsive running up the WeekiWachee River, handling tight corners easy.
      Needless to say it sucked.
      So I emailed Uncle Norm, told them my story on the off chance they’d send me another....not really thinking they would. But what the hell right???
      Well low and behold, I got a call the next day and for the price of shipping they put another in the mail for me!!!!
      That’s first class customer service!!!!
      Thank you Uncle Norm!!!

      George, Thanks for the review. I'm glad the fin was working well for you. To bad you hit something hard after 3 hours. It's hard telling what you hit but it was substantial. I'm been out in the Pacific and encountered big, big, big logs and going up the inside passage to Alaska, there were lots of logs. You really have to pay attention.
      Amazing difference!

      Finally got to see if the Orca tail was wasted money or the best spent money.....,it was the best! My Baja 180 Islander is a little boat with a big motor. Out of the hole with Orca it planned out quickly and kept the horizon in view. Heading control was 90% better and the low speed nose wander was reduced to slight corrections; and all this with a worn steering cable and no trim tab anode. My worry about the price was replaced with a smile and renewed hope for this old boat. Lost about 4 mph but Orca is a winner!

      Lack of Performance

      I am not satisfied with the performance of the orca fin. I placed it on a 2006 1900 sailfish boat with a 115hp 4- stroke yamaha outboard engine. The fin created difficult steering between 2000-2500 rpms; it decreased overall top-end speed by 4-5 mph; it did not increase my on-plane time. However, the fin did keep the bow down and prevented porpoising once the boat was on plane.

      Kenneth, I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with the Orca Fin. We don't typically see those kinds of issues. The Orca is very sensitive to trim. I don't know if you have tilt/trim or not but most people need to trim up maybe 25% -30% to get max speed. If you would like to return it... we can take it back.

      I love this Orca Performance Fin


      We purchased the Orca Fin hoping it would help control the steering of the boat during launching and loading. Wow! It was great! Usually, I have difficulty steering the boat when backing up, and have very little power. With the Orca Fin the boat backed straight back with lots of power. Loading the boat is also difficult even in calm waters. The boat swings side to side when going slowly. With the Orca fin, the boat went straight onto the trailer and there was wind blowing at the time.
      We also hoped the fin would help keep the back of the boat from swinging side to side when anchored in swift water in the Columbia River fishing for Sturgeon. It really did help!

      We are very impressed. Glad we purchased it!

      Pete, Thanks for the review and letting others know about your experience. I really appreciate the feedback. I'm very pleased that the Orca did the job for you.