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Orca Performance Fin

Orca Performance Fin

Uncle Norm's Marine Products

  • $ 19900
  • Save $ 9000

Add No-Drill Clamp set? ($59)


PN: 45100
UPC: 810009490234

The Orca-Performance Fin triples the effective rudder area providing a tighter turn radius and sharp crisp directional control at any speed. The larger surface area of the Orca-Performance Fin blocks cavitation better than hydrofoils while adding the benefit of enhanced slow speed maneuvering and heading control.

" Your ORCA FIN WITH THE CLAMP MOUNT is an amazing product!!! My crestliner discovery 1450 with a 40 Mercury outboard had a serious problems with HIGH BOW RISE to where I couldn't see in front of me and the boat would not plane, even at full throttle. The ORCA FIN was added to my boat along with a 4 blade propeller and both problems are gone. There is virtually no bow rise and the boat planes almost immediately!!!! This video truly shows the effectiveness of the ORCA FIN. Thank you! -Thomas


The Orca-Performance Fin installs in minutes without drilling using the 45M-Clamp kit or bolts directly to the cavitation plate using included hardware. The Orca fin is usually mounted with the fins down but may be installed fins up without modification if you desire less aggressive control. Used and tested on fishing boats, runabouts, pontoon boats, cruisers, ski boats and bass boats since 2002.


Recommended for motors from 80 to 300 Horsepower with up to a 16" Diameter Prop


  • 3x the Steering Control
  • 2x the Turn Rate
  • 3x the Effective Rudder Area
  • Get on plane faster
  • Prevents Cavitation
  • Maximizes Thrust Resulting in Improved Engine Performance
  • Reduces Bow Rise
  • Improves Visibility



  • Black Powder Coated Aluminum.
  • Made from 3/16" Aluminum.
  • Designed for boat motors with propellers up to 16 inches in diameter
  • Use on outboard and I/O engines up to 300HP (Not recommended for the Volvo with exhaust through cavitation plate.)
  • Compatible with autopilot systems
  • Simple installation
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA

    No-Drill Clamp Kit (Optional)


    No holes to drill when mounting the Uncle Norm's Fins with the No-Drill Clamp Set. Works on most outboard and I/O stern drives up to 300 HP. It's simple, fast and effective. Aluminum construction and powder coated for good looks and durability.

    • Designed to be Used with the Orca-Performance Fin and Dolphin-Trolling Fin
    • No Holes to Drill in the Motor
    • Machined from Solid Aluminum Bar Stock
    • Stainless Steel Hardware Included
    • Black Powder Coated Finish
    • Installs Quickly with Minimal Tools
    • Can Be Removed in Minutes
    • Simple Instructions
    • Made in USA



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 49 reviews
      Shell Rutledge (Alpharetta, US)
      Such a difference!

      Steering is so much easier at slow speeds, wife and kids can now dock the boat!

      Tony Pawlowski (San Marcos, US)
      Great low speed steering

      My Sea Ray 270 will now respond to helm input without power being applied...Makes docking much less stressful

      Chris Brooks
      Well worth the money.

      I normally do not write reviews, but this product and company deserves one. I have a 1995 Bayliner Capri 2050LS with a 4.3 and an Alpha one Gen2 out drive. Our boat had a bad case of low speed bow wander and was a pain to trailer. Bow rise was pretty bad, especially when you pulled a tube or anything else. I was researching fins and happened upon this product. I read all the reviews, but still had questions. I called the company and they were very helpful. The lady that answered the phone connected me to Mr. Bogart and we had a conversation about his product for at least 30 minutes. He walked me through how the design came about and answered all my questions. He wasn’t rushed, and treated me like we were sitting at his kitchen table. He was confident in his product and confident that if I didn’t like it, he would take it back.
      So let me talk briefly about the fin. I used the no drill clamp set. Instructions were clear and the fin was installed in less than 30 minutes.
      First time out, we were amazed. Bow wander was gone. Not reduced, gone. Bow rise was drastically reduced. The boat almost comes straight up out of the water. The boat turns like it’s on rails. It handles like a totally different boat. I don’t know if it reduced my MPH any at all, and quite frankly, I don’t care. It works that good. The boat still can run 40 mph + and that’s pretty good for a 21’ boat with a 4.3. Another point to add for all those that question everything, the boat already had a SS 23 pitch prop and at WOT it tached about 4400 rpm. That’s dead on factory specs.
      Bottom line....
      You are getting what you pay for. Yes it cost more, but it’s worth it. I challenge you to call another company that makes fins and see if they will connect you to the President of the company.
      Great product... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

      Danny Veal (Apopka, US)
      This works great on our boat, 20ft Deck Boat

      The Orca made a huge difference in slow speeds as well on plane. Before it was almost impossible to keep the boat in line going at slow speeds. Now it is enjoyable to cruise and enjoy the view.

      Customer (Tacoma, US)
      Significantly Improved Low Speed Control

      My recent purchase and installation of an Uncle Norm's Orca Fin on my Mercury 150 has significantly improved the low speed control. The improved low speed tracking makes docking and loading practically stress free.

      Additionally the fin improved tracking when accelerating and levels the boat to plane with less use of the boat's trim. Bow rise during initial acceleration was reduced as well.

      Overall, the Orca Fin has provided everything that I was hoping for and more.