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Talon Oil Filter Tool

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 4999





The TALON OIL FILTER TOOL has been reinvented and improved!! The 10M-TALON oil filter tool has undergone some changes through the years, improving as the demands of our customers became greater. The new TALON is our strongest and most compact yet. Just pop the NEW TALON on a 3/8 drive extension and ratchet and it gets the job done. 

The TALON Oil Filter Tool was created to remove stubbornly stuck oil filters.  Bogert Aviation wanted the tool to be safe in tight quarters and unable to slip, attempting to minimize damage to nearby components. This is still a messy process but this tool is your best chance of removing stuck filters without damaging anything else. Don't cuss -- call us!!!

Comes with #10(0.194) and 6MM(0.236) screws.


  • Three pin (TALON) engagement in oil filter plate for stability and strength
  • Good for up to 1500 in. lbs. of torque
  • Works in tight spaces!
  • Works on Aircraft, Automotive, Marine and Recreational Vehicle applications
  • Made in the USA.


  • This is a lot less frustrating than trying to remove a stuck filter by any other method
  • Saves time so you can do other things
  • Saves money


  • Open the filter can and remove the filter element. If necessary, cut or tear open the filter can where ever it is accessible, gaining access to the filter element.
  • Use the new filter as a guide. Set the pin positions on the 10M-TALON Oil Filter Tool to fit into the oil holes in the oil filter plate.
  • Insert the Oil Filter Tool into the stuck filter can using a 3/8" ratchet extension and ratchet wrench. Engage the oil holes in the filter plate with the pins of the oil filter tool.
  • Turn counter clockwise to loosen the filter.


  • Adjustable down to 1.10" in three prong mode for smaller oil filters
  • Adjustable down to .95" in two prong mode for smaller oil filters
  • Adjustable up to 3.14" for larger oil filters


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Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
where do I start?

After deciding that my BMW motorcycle deserved some fresh oil and a new filter, I set about this simple (or so I thought) task. Oil drained - check. Old filter off...….that's where it all started to go horribly wrong. Bought the specific tool for the bike, it just rounded off the canister and sat there laughing at me. A quick search of Dr Google came up with some advice culminating on one YouTube video where the gentleman in question had cut (chisled/ chewed) the bottom off of the canister to reveal the oil flow return holes. What a good idea, I thought and proceeded to neatly (well as neat as is possible where the oil filter is sat in a recessed aluminium engine case, with no more than 3mm clearance around it) remove the bottom of the canister...…..past the point of no return. twisted snipe nose pliers, a multitude of cobbled together 'specialist' tools, lots of tears and tantrums later, I stumbled across your tool. It was just what I needed, but in USA (I am in the UK).
I bit the bullet, blow the expense (I must have spent a good 20 man-hours on it to this point) clicked order and morosely sat waiting.
Ordered on Thursday morning, with me on Monday morning, amazing service and in less than 5 minutes (the hardest part is setting the pins to locate properly and that is simplicity itself) I had the old, knackered filter on the garage floor with the new one fitted. It did take a bit of moving, a 't' bar with a 3 foot tube on it, but as the tool was so well located, I was confident that I could apply the added torque to it.
Thank you Bogert Aviation, for designing the tool that I was trying to make (but better, stronger, adjustable, in fact better than I could imagine in any way) and shpping so quickly, that my sleepless nights were reduced to a manageable level.
I love you all :)

Great Tool

I found myself stuck when the can of oil filer on my truck tore while trying to remove it. Finding myself stuck I found this tool and at first I was cranky about needing it but after the tool showed up and using the tool. It is fantastic and is going to save me a lot of swearing in the future.

Worked like a champ.

The tool worked like a champ. It only took about 2 minutes from taking it out of the box to having the filter removed. I could only get 2 pins to match the holes in the filter but it handled it with ease. I also like that you get a variety of pin sizes to adapt the tool to many different hole configurations. Definitely worth saving my knuckles and skin!

Talon oil filter tool

Worked great and as advertised.

Saved me at least $300

The filter on my 2003 Buick has always been hard to remove as it is in an awkward spot. When my dealer replaced a head gasket, they removed the oil and after replacing the oil, they over-torqued the oil filter and I could not get it off with any oil wrench, not even with a screwdriver through the body of the filter. Looking on-line, I found the Bogert Aviation Talon tool and thought I would give it a try. IT WORKED!! Once I chiseled the top off the filter and removed the filter contents, I got the tool into the casing and, using a 3/8 ratchet and a cheater (3/4 inch pipe on the handle), I finally got the filter to move. While this was not the easiest process, it actually went very well and I was greatly relieved. THANKS Bogert!!!