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Dolphin-Trolling Fin

Dolphin-Trolling Fin

Uncle Norm's Marine Products

  • $ 17900

Add No-Drill Clamp set? ($69)

The Dolphin-Trolling Fin gives you an edge on the water by providing exceptional tracking in wind and turbulent conditions. The fin triples the effective rudder area which improves your stability, increases your ability to turn and reduces the cycle time on your auto-pilot system. The Dolphin-Trolling Fin installs in minutes without drilling using the 45M-Clamp kit or bolt directly to cavitation plate using included hardware. Tested and approved by Alaska and Northwest fishing guides. 


  • 3x the Steering Control
  • 2x the Turn Rate
  • 3x the Effective Rudder Area
  • Exceptional Tracking in Windy and Turbulent Conditions
  • Reduced Cycling of Autopilot Units-Less Wear
  • Prevents cavitation and maximizes thrust



  • Black Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Designed for boat motors with propellers up to 10 inches in diameter
  • Compatible with autopilot systems
  • Simple installation
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA


No-Drill Clamp Kit (Optional)


No holes to drill when mounting the Uncle Norm's Fins with the No-Drill Clamp Set. Works on most outboard and I/O stern drives up to 300 HP. It's simple, fast and effective. Aluminum construction and powder coated for good looks and durability.

  • Designed to be Used with the Orca-Performance Fin and Dolphin-Trolling Fin
  • No Holes to Drill in the Motor
  • Machined from Solid Aluminum Bar Stock
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Included
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Installs Quickly with Minimal Tools
  • Can Be Removed in Minutes
  • Simple Instructions
  • Made in USA


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Customer Reviews

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Dolphin-Trolling Fin


Very good

New User

Only been out a couple of times since installation. Straight forward easy to install. This unit has slowed the cycling side to side of the trolling motor when the auto pilot is engaged. In the salt water you have to deal with tide changes, wind, and waves that go against both. My decision to buy the Dolphin trolling fin should extend the life of my Garmin auto pilot.

Trolling motor

My TR1 is working with less movement and holding my boat on coarse, the fin was easy to mount, and the customer service was outstanding. Great product

It works

I bought the Dolfin to put on a 15hp outboard because the motor was new and I didn't want to drill the cavitation plate. The motor is on a 14' aluminum boat. Without the fin the boat had trouble getting up on plane and once it did it would porpoise something terrible. At slow speeds the bow would rise high enough so as not to be able to see over it. I tried it out today and had an instant smile as the boat went up on plane and went throgh the water like a boat should. Also, while trolling at slow speeds the boat doesn't seem to be pushed around by wind. I'm pleased with the results and I didn't need to drill the cavitation plate on my brand new motor.

Robert, Thank you for the review and I'm pleased that the Dolphin fin solved your problems. I would love to get some photos if it's not too much trouble.