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Never Miss Hitch System

Never Miss Hitch System

Uncle Norm's Marine Products

  • $ 14900

Save yourself all the aggravation with Uncle Norm’s Never Miss Hitch System! Forget the days of making 6 trips to the back of your rig to see how close your hitch ball is to the trailer. Forget hurting your back trying to move the trailer and save yourself that trip to the doctor. Hitch up to your trailer the first time, every time by yourself with rifle like accuracy! This unique 3 point sight system makes it impossible to miss. Now you can hook and go when you want because you can do it yourself.


  • Reduces frustration and aggravation
  • Fool proof sighting system lets one person back up to a trailer perfectly the first time, every time.
  • 6x faster saves time-save multiple attempts and repeatedly getting in and out of your vehicle.
  • Protects your bumper from being damaged by the trailer coupler
  • Perfect alignment reduces the risk of injury from trying to force the hitch to align.
  • Reduces risk of injury


  • Heavy gauge steel construction for long life
  • Powder coated finish for good looks
  • Yellow “wings” lay flat for compact storage
  • Simple installation on most standard drop down hitches
  • Installs under hitch ball bolt of 1” diameter or less (typical 2” ball)
  • Site rods extend to 48"
  • Made in the USA



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    I'm Free!

    This device has given me as a solo traveler the independence to unhitch and explore my surroundings. Before this, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find someone to help me back up and hitch onto my camper. It's wonderful!

    Naoma, Thanks for the photo! Pretty cute set up you have there. The thing is, the Never Miss Hitch really does work. It's simple but very effective. Do you use yours with the sight rods or do you use the back up camera?
    Excellent Product

    I have used this twice now and it has made backing my truck up to my travel trailer a lot easier! The 2nd time I used it I was successful in backing right up to the coupler on the first try and was able to lower the trailer tongue directly onto the hitch without having to move my truck again!

    I would make 2 suggestions: include a zippered cloth bag to store this in when not in use to safely and conveniently keep it together and I would figure out a way to keep the magnet attached to the pole better as it has come out twice now and stayed on the coupler and I have had to remove it and reattach it to the pole.

    While camping I have already had someone ask me about it and they too were impressed.

    David, The magnets are supposed to be glued into their holder with hot glue to keep it from coming out like yours. I am guessing someone forgot that step. Add a bit of epoxy glue to the inside of the magnet holder then put the magnet in. Sorry for the trouble.
    4 star

    Never Miss Hitch System

    Never Miss Hitch

    Order was nicely packed and complete and it arrived within six days. Pleased with the order.